For more information on the role and responsibilities of Board Members, please click the following link--  MVA Board MembersPDF.pdf

For a copy of the nomination form, please click this link -- MVANominationForm.pdf

The Mountain View Association Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers who give their time to serve the members of the Association while focusing on preservation of the lakes and channel and the surrounding environment and community.   The MVA By-Laws have term limits which result in a gradual turn-over in Board membership.  Each member is now permitted to serve two consecutive four-year terms.  At the conclusion of those terms, an individual may once again become a member of the board following an absence of at least one year.

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You may be interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, or you may know of someone who would be a valuable addition to the Board.  Below you will find a link to a nomination form that you can use to nominate either yourself or someone else.  Please give thoughtful consideration to this, as the MVA Board of Directors -- as well as the Association in its entirety -- always needs individuals who can work collaboratively for the benefit of us all.  

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