Broadband Grant Update

As many of you know, the Town of Bellmont applied for a broadband access grant to bring internet services to our amongst other areas our lakes.  The Town of Bellmont was successful an this effort and broadband is coming to the southern end of the Town of Bellmont.  SLIC, a subsidiary of The Nicholville Telephone Company, will provide a system of fiber optic cable and wireless transmitters and receivers (transceivers) in the Bellmont South area after Bellmont North (which received an earlier grant for broadband) is installed.  When broadband finally does arrive all areas around the lakes and the Mountain View and Owls  Head communities will be covered.  There will be more information on prices and range of services as the Town moves closer to installation.   Update as of Fall 2016 -- The project has not been moving forward as hoped because of delays in reimbursement from the State of New York to SLIC.  (Projects are only reimbursed by the State after completion.  SLIC has arranged for a financing package of $12 million so that it can proceed with the stalled projects.  They have invested in fiber optic cable and are reviewing their permissions for the use of National Grid's poles.  They will connect Bellmont North, then Lyon Mountain, and then Bellmont South (us). 

State Dam at Mountain View - Repairs

Mountain View Association

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On December 4, 2013,  the Town concluded the maintenance on the gate house and dam at Mountain View and cleared and closed the south and north gates.  The goal of plugging the suspected leaks at the junction of the dam with the gate house was not accomplished.  Due to repeated rains and snowfall, the water level did not get down to the level of the toe of the dam.  The Town hopes, with the assistance of engineer John Carr, of Blue Mountain Engineering, to contract this summer with a Watertown firm to work underwater to not only assess the leak but also to implement the most appropriate repair.  We will keep you posted as we learn more about this status of this projectUpdate as of Fall 2016 -- The Town is still working with John Carr of Blue Mountain Engineering to come up with a long-term solution for the repair to the dams at a reasonable cost.

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