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Below is an excerpt from a letter written by Dorothy Booth, a beloved member of the Association who passed away.  (The full letter can be found in the Fall 2014 Newsletter).  Dorothy wrote this letter while she was in the hospital.  Her beautiful words capture the importance of the Lakes and why we should all work hard to protect and preserve it. 

"At our first art show in 2009, I bought a beautiful oil painting of Indian Lake done by Bob Darrow.

When I left camp at the end of the summer, I decided to take the painting home with me. I hung it by my bed and at the end of each day I would look at the painting and say to myself, 'I'm going back there."

When I had to go to the hospital this June, my daughter brought  my painting and hung it on the wall.  Doctors, nurses and others would ask me, 'What's this?'

I would answer, "That's my lake.'

Of course, you would say it is your lake, but we would both be right.

This summer I would like everyone to take care of 'our' lake."

Please consider making a gift to the Legacy Fund to help preserve our lakes.  All gifts to the Legacy Fund are tax deductible as the Association is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Legacy Fund  Donation form -- MVAlegacyform.pdf

The Legacy Fund was established by the Association for the purpose of preserving our lakes for future generations.  It was established when an anonymous donor made a $50,000 challenge grant in 2011. The Association successfully met that challenge and has been working  ever since to grow the Legacy Fund.

The Association's priorities for the uses of the Legacy Fund are as follows:  removal of invasive species of weeds in the Lakes and Channel; maintenance and supervision of the boat launch, kiosk, public picnic area; community outreach and activities; expenses associated with activities of the Mountain View Association.  No more than 5% of the total cash of the MVA Legacy Fund may be expended on an annual basis.  The Legacy Fund shall not be used for the repair of the dam or dredging of the Lakes or the Channel.

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